Oceans of Heaven by Eddie Parker

“Synths are brilliant for these kinds of extremes. In this piece I’m using the instrument’s ability to make notes appear from, and disappear into, silence……”

….Composer & fellow Mooger Eddie Parker wrote a beautiful piece for the WGME called ‘Oceans of Heaven’ 

Listen to ‘Oceans of Heaven’ on our YouTube channel and read more about the piece in the description below by Eddie.

“At one point I was thinking about musical images on a superhuman scale – like how continuously falling scales could depict a waterfall (there is an aural effect called the “Shepherd Scale”, the ascending version of which was used at the end of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, which is a demonstration of this); or how mountains might be depicted by infinitely sustained notes (we nearly had a project in a mine in North Wales one time which I was beginning to think about); and in “Oceans”, great mid-ocean waves.

At the top of each wave the harmony changes, and during the course of the piece there is a tonal journey leading gradually through vast conflicting currents and gyres, to the eventual calming warmth of pan-diatonic rest.”