Philharmonie de Paris: Days Off Festival

Reflections on the magnificent Paris de Philharmonie!

The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble has just returned from a packed out concert at the Philharmonie de Paris as part of Days Off Festival.  The team performed a concert of varied repertoire from composers such as Bach and Handel, to John Carpenter and original compositions by Will and Graham.  The concert provided a warm-up to Kraftwerk 3D, preparing listeners for a synth-filled evening.

Will welcomed the crowd and introduced every piece in French and after the concert we had members of the audience taking photos and asking questions about each synthesizer.

Thank you to the team at the Paris Philharmonie!

Members of the Moog Ensemble enjoyed the evening performance of Kraftwerk too đŸ™‚

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble to play Paris Days Off Festival 2019

Two performances on the afternoon of Saturday 13 July 2019. For full details see our Facebook page https:/ Full details of the festival at

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