Minimoog Model D

The mainstay of the Moog Ensemble since it formed in 2005. They offer the classic creamy Moog sound in a reasonably portable and reliable package, so there have always been three or four of these in the band. These instruments are quite old now, so it has been necessary to bring a backup or two when playing live, as they don’t respond well to unstable mains voltages or fluctuating temperatures. With the re-release of the Model D in 2016, many of us are using the slightly more resilient new version for touring while preserving the originals for studio work.

‘I’m in the Moog Again’: Will on Analogue Monosynths

“…if someone opens a door or if sunlight falls on them they shoot off the grid and suddenly you have a roomful of what sounds like sick bagpipes.” 

©Tristram Kenton

Want to know more behind the inspiration of Will’s Moog Ensemble and how he came to set it up in 2005? Check out this interview he did for the Guardian back in 2015 here.

“I was also partly inspired by a sense of guilt looking at a room full of old synthesisers languishing unused and clogging up my studio; 10 phone calls later there we all were trying to wrestle our way through Bach’s third Brandenburg Concerto, hooting with laughter.”