Next Show: BBC NOW Classical Playlist LIVE

We are very excited to announce our next show! We’ll be performing with BBC National Orchestra of Wales on Sunday 5 April at DEPOT in Cardiff.

Team WGME will be moving out of the usual synth semicircle for a concert where audience members will have the chance to get up-close with our synths and the incredible musicians of BBC NOW by walking around the venue for a synth and orchestral experience like no other. Head over to Will to hear his Minimoog Model D in action, venture towards Ross to check out his Roland Promars Compuphionic MRS-2 which he had specially modified, or be right beside Simon on his Akai EWI5000 – catch the action like never before!

Also performing will be acclaimed classical Australian saxophone star, Amy Dickson and heartthrob Welsh tenor Tristan Llyr Griffiths.

Featuring Prokofiev ‘Dance of the Knights’ (The Apprentice theme tune) and Beethoven ‘Scherzo from Symphony No 9’ (A Clockwork Orange) plus lots more.

For more information and to book tickets click here.

Oceans of Heaven by Eddie Parker

“Synths are brilliant for these kinds of extremes. In this piece I’m using the instrument’s ability to make notes appear from, and disappear into, silence……”

….Composer & fellow Mooger Eddie Parker wrote a beautiful piece for the WGME called ‘Oceans of Heaven’ 

Listen to ‘Oceans of Heaven’ on our YouTube channel and read more about the piece in the description below by Eddie.

“At one point I was thinking about musical images on a superhuman scale – like how continuously falling scales could depict a waterfall (there is an aural effect called the “Shepherd Scale”, the ascending version of which was used at the end of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, which is a demonstration of this); or how mountains might be depicted by infinitely sustained notes (we nearly had a project in a mine in North Wales one time which I was beginning to think about); and in “Oceans”, great mid-ocean waves.

At the top of each wave the harmony changes, and during the course of the piece there is a tonal journey leading gradually through vast conflicting currents and gyres, to the eventual calming warmth of pan-diatonic rest.”

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble at BBC Proms

Did you catch our Moog landing at the BBC Proms last month? 

Members of the group joined the BBC Concert Orchestra for a sold-out concert at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission to the moon among other historic events of summer 1969.

You can still listen to the whole concert on BBC Radio 3 here: 

1’20 JS Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No.3 Mvt.I
1’40 Will Gregory, Journey to Sky from Picard in Space

Oh, and if you’ve ever had any confusion over the pronunciation of Moog, it’s ‘Moog as in Vogue’ – thanks Lemn Sissay for clarifying!

One from the rehearsal at Alexandra Palace

Philharmonie de Paris: Days Off Festival

Reflections on the magnificent Paris de Philharmonie!

The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble has just returned from a packed out concert at the Philharmonie de Paris as part of Days Off Festival.  The team performed a concert of varied repertoire from composers such as Bach and Handel, to John Carpenter and original compositions by Will and Graham.  The concert provided a warm-up to Kraftwerk 3D, preparing listeners for a synth-filled evening.

Will welcomed the crowd and introduced every piece in French and after the concert we had members of the audience taking photos and asking questions about each synthesizer.

Thank you to the team at the Paris Philharmonie!

Members of the Moog Ensemble enjoyed the evening performance of Kraftwerk too 🙂

‘I’m in the Moog Again’: Will on Analogue Monosynths

“…if someone opens a door or if sunlight falls on them they shoot off the grid and suddenly you have a roomful of what sounds like sick bagpipes.” 

©Tristram Kenton

Want to know more behind the inspiration of Will’s Moog Ensemble and how he came to set it up in 2005? Check out this interview he did for the Guardian back in 2015 here.

“I was also partly inspired by a sense of guilt looking at a room full of old synthesisers languishing unused and clogging up my studio; 10 phone calls later there we all were trying to wrestle our way through Bach’s third Brandenburg Concerto, hooting with laughter.” 

Final Night of the Tour at Kings Place

Our 2018 tour drew to a close at Kings Place this week – thank you to everyone who came to our gigs, we all had a blast and can’t wait to be on the road again!

Guardian photographer Tristram Kenton was there and took some photos of us all in action, here’s a taster:

The Moog Ensemble with Will Gregory @ King’s Place ©Tristram Kenton:
The Moog Ensemble with Will Gregory @ King’s Place ©Tristram Kenton:
The Moog Ensemble with Will Gregory @ King’s Place ©Tristram Kenton:

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble on Tour

Photo: Evan Dawson

Whooo, that was fun!  Thank you to everyone who supported us on our UK tour, we had a blast! 

The group kicked things off at St.George’s Bristol, before heading north to Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music, then to Brighton Dome and Kings Place in London were tour concluded.

“The evening drew to a close with a further lift of the cap to the classic synth repertoire with a run through of John Carpenter’s music from Escape from New York. A fitting homage skilfully played but it was the self-penned newer music we heard tonight that enthused this engaged audience. They applauded warmly, entertained by this extraordinary and fun evening with this unique group of musicians.”

 Mark Siddorn, Bristol 24/7, (St George’s Bristol)