Moog Sub 37

As it says on the Moog website, “The SUB 37 Tribute Edition is a limited release, 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer built on the award winning Sub Phatty sound engine, but specifically enhanced to meet the demands of professional synthesists, sound designers, and keyboard players.” It sounds subtly different from the Minimoog, but has a number of performance advantages, notably presets! Dan uses one for the bass sound with the Moog Ensemble, put through a Vortexion valve amd and Ampeg cab, and sometimes doubled with Taurus bass pedals for added earth-shudderingness.

Minimoog Model D

The mainstay of the Moog Ensemble since it formed in 2005. They offer the classic creamy Moog sound in a reasonably portable and reliable package, so there have always been three or four of these in the band. These instruments are quite old now, so it has been necessary to bring a backup or two when playing live, as they don’t respond well to unstable mains voltages or fluctuating temperatures. With the re-release of the Model D in 2016, many of us are using the slightly more resilient new version for touring while preserving the originals for studio work.

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble at BBC Proms

Did you catch our Moog landing at the BBC Proms last month? 

Members of the group joined the BBC Concert Orchestra for a sold-out concert at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission to the moon among other historic events of summer 1969.

You can still listen to the whole concert on BBC Radio 3 here: 

1’20 JS Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No.3 Mvt.I
1’40 Will Gregory, Journey to Sky from Picard in Space

Oh, and if you’ve ever had any confusion over the pronunciation of Moog, it’s ‘Moog as in Vogue’ – thanks Lemn Sissay for clarifying!

One from the rehearsal at Alexandra Palace